At AWDS we know that the transport and logistics industry is contributing significantly to global greenhouse gas emissions. This is why we have been making changes to the way we operate as a business. The changes we have made aim to reduce our impact on the environment so that we can become a more sustainable logistics partner moving forward. This is an ongoing process, and we still have a long way to go, but we know that our industry needs to do better when it comes to reducing environmental impact. We aim to be part of the solution, and acknowledge the importance of transitioning to a more sustainable future as soon as possible.

  • Installed large rooftop solar system (425 panel 85kW system installed in 2015)
  • Major warehouse LED light upgrade to reduce energy use (completed in 2019)
  • Major office LED light upgrade to reduce energy use (completed in 2021)
  • Switched paper supply to Planet Ark’s Mindful Paper. This paper is 100% recycled, certified carbon neutral & manufactured in Australia (completed in 2021)
  • Onsite recycling programs for cardboard, plastic pallet wrap, office paper, bottles and cans (with several dedicated recycling bins collected weekly)
  • We use electric forklifts and warehouse machinery (1x gas powered fork remains on site, we plan to replace with electric when upgrade is required)
  • Cardboard box, pallet edges/protectors, plastic pallet toppers and fill reuse policy (quality packing products are reused were possible before being recycledor responsibly disposed of when recycling is not possible)
  • When using virgin fill we use Australia made and 100% biodegradable (and water soluble) Bio-Fill Packing foam
  • Sign on Glass Technology utilised by all AWDS drivers (reducing reliance on physical paperwork)
  • We support a major client in their sustainable packaging journey by fulfilling the requirements of their APCO membership
  • We support client use of compostable shipping satchels that reduce need for single use plastic shipping satchels
  • Ongoing investigation and review of more sustainable logistics solutions and products

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