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At Adelaide Warehouse and Distribution Services (ADWS), our dedicated team of pick and pack specialists jump into action as soon as an order is received. Each order received goes through a simple yet effective process to ensure accurate fulfilment. All orders are initially reviewed for any potential errors (e.g. incomplete address), once approved the product(s) ordered are picked from your dedicated storage area, packed to your provided specifications, and sent via the most appropriate carrier for immediate delivery.

We always ensure that each order is picked, packed and sent using the latest Scan Pick and Sign On Glass technology. Scan Pick is used by our pickers to digitally scan and log the individual items from each order to ensure accurate fulfilment. Once picked, the order is delivered and signed for using Sign On Glass to complete the digital trace of your order. By digitally tracking each order that we receive from start to finish, we ensure that AWDS clients can always privately and securely access the live status of any one of their orders via the AWDS Online system.

Working Hours: Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm
Address: U3/6 – 348, Richmond Rd, Netley, SA. 5037
Tel: +61 (8) 8352 6700
Email: info@awds.com.au

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