The AWDS Group management are storage and distribution professionals selected for their experience and understanding of various business environments and each having an ability to liaise with a range of principals from a variety of industries. Our management team regularly measure and evaluate our services and are committed to developing and implementing enhancements to ensure optimum service levels are provided. 


Our Administration Team are intelligent and enthusiastic individuals dedicated to supporting all of our principals requirements. Each member is highly skilled and devoted to providing services to the highest of standards. Being provided with continual training, in areas of customer service and IT systems, allows them to support our principals in various areas of their business. 


The warehouse personnel are loyal, well-trained and motivated to support our principals with an aptitude for both operational and administrative procedures being proficient in the use of modern handling equipment and warehouse IT systems. They are friendly, flexible and experienced in handling a wide variety of products from varying industries.

When becoming a principle of the AWDS Group you will be assigned a specific staff member who is dedicated to servicing all of your needs. We understand the importance of good communication and for this reason each warehouse staff member is equipped with a mobile telephone to ensure they can be contacted at all times.