Internet Interface

The Web front end of AWDSOnline from Adelaide Warehouse & Distribution Services creates a virtual warehouse facility with access to a number of facilities, enquiries and reports 'in real time' with principle specific logins, passwords and access as standard features. Onsite training is available with extensive 'User Manuals' provided to support your staff in the use of our user friendly system.

  • Notify a 'Goods Inwards' movement
  • Request a 'Goods Outwards' movement
  • Put products 'On' and “Off' hold
  • Send advance notice of 'New Product Lines'
  • Search for specific product information or 'Stock On Hand Quantities'
  • View Inward and Outward stock movements
  • View products in the warehouse(s) older than a specific date
  • View the Breakdown of stock by pallet quantities
  • Review and print your Adelaide Warehouse & Distribution Services (AWDS Group) invoices
  • View confirmation of order dispatch

Warehouse Module

  • Inventory management via manual or automated EDI import processes
  • Multi Company, Multi Branch and Multi warehouse within branch
  • Comprehensive Goods In / Goods Out procedures
  • Flexible Book In / Out by: pallet, carton, unit, kg, M3, litres
  • Automated Putaway and Picking Location decisions
  • Products stored in fully numbered locations
  • Automated Pick face replenishment
  • Picking of products by: item, batch, expiry date, serial number, FIFO, LIFO, random, bond no
  • Wine Warehousing / Wine Turning
  • Interface to Freightrack (Freight Management System)

Freight Management System

  • Proof of Delivery
  • Automatic manifest / routing
  • Adelaide Warehouse & Distribution Services (AWDS) Warehouse Interface
  • Default Senders / Receivers
  • Delivery point consignment consolidation