Rate Structures


As part of our philosophy to tailor systems that assist principals to better manage and develop their businesses, Adelaide Warehouse & Distribution Services offers a range of rating structures as follows:

  • Transactional
    This is the most commonly adopted system, which defines rates for each function. While it involves a large amount of calculation, it does permit a full dissection of storage and distribution costs by function.

  • Piece Rate
    Through careful costing of all services required over a period, Adelaide Warehouse & Distribution Services can assign charges on a per unit basis. This alternative suits products with a broad range of high moving lines and again provides a simplified invoicing process.

  • Percentage of Net Sales Turnover
    From analysis of projected activity levels and average unit sales price, a fixed percentage of net sales turnover can be used.

    This would cover either warehousing or warehousing/storage and is a self-governing expenditure that is linked to increases in both sales price and turnover volume of products.

  • Fixed Rate
    Where a principal sells product on long term contract or in a scheduled purchase environment, warehouse space, manpower and transport can all be estimated on a fixed rate payable in advance.

    This rate also suits projects where specialised storage areas or dedicated staff are required.

  • Hourly Rate
    This is applied where tasks required are outside of the normal scope of warehousing pick’n’pack servicing such as fulfilment, order processing and special requests.

  • Transport
    Once specific transit times have been committed, Adelaide Warehouse & Distribution Services will select the best possible method/option available to achieve the optimum result.



Payment Terms

Adelaide Warehouse & Distribution Services (the AWDS Group)provides detailed tax invoices on a weekly basis specifying service charges, which are due for payment within 14 days of receipt unless otherwise agreed.

Adelaide Warehouse & Distribution Services (the AWDS Group) prefers that all invoices are settled by Electronic Funds Transfer in accordance with its standard terms of trade ie: within 14 days.